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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Searchers of The Wild Bunch? Red River or Ride the High Country? Life is full of choices, and now CineVerse is asking you to make a tough one: What is the greatest movie western of all time? That is the question posed in our new poll. It was a tough call narrowing it down to 20, but hopefully one of your favorites is represented. Vote now by visiting our home page and participating in the survey on the left sidebar.

By the way, we have a split decision on our last poll, which asked "What is the greatest foreign film of all time?" Garnering 23 percent of the votes each were Seven Samurai and Cinema Paradiso. The runner up is M by Fritz Lang. Other vote getters included: Rashomon; The 400 Blows; Breathless; The Battle of Algiers; and Bicycle Thieves.

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