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And the Oscar goes to...

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Academy Award nominations have just been released, making this the perfect time for a new CineVerse poll. This time around, we ask the question: Which 2012 Oscar-nominated film deserves the Best Picture Academy Award?

Vote now by visiting our home page and participating in our poll in the left sidebar. All 9 Best Picture nominees are listed. Voting will close after February 28 (even though the Oscars are Feb. 24).

By the way, here are the results of our last poll, which asked: What is your favorite movie decade?
  • 1940s (classic Hollywood; film noir): 28%
  • 1970s (silver age of Hollywood; rise of the blockbusters): 23%
  • 1930s (early talkies, Golden age of Hollywood), and 1950s (widescreen, epics, 3-D), each with 14%
  • 1990s (rise of smaller studios, greater diversity): 9%
  • 1960s and 2000s, each with 4%

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