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CineVerse moderator returns to the Classic Film Jerks podcast

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Erik Martin, your friendly neighborhood CineVerse moderator, was recently asked to return as a guest for the newest episode of the Classic Film Jerks, a free podcast hosted by movie fans Michael DiGiovanni and Andrew Bloom. Every month, Michael and Andrew watch a different classic movie they've never seen before and then discuss it to decide if that film is worth all the "classic" hype heaped upon it. They pride themselves on being everyman Joes--not movie snobs or cinema eggheads--and use ample amounts of humor to make for a fun and engaging hour-long episode each month.

In May, the Jerks have chosen a flick I nominated--"High Noon" (1952), one of the all-time great westerns. Together, we explore what makes this movie tick (pun intended) as well as what doesn't stand up so well 66 years later. To hear the episode, click on the image below or visit

Erik first joined the Jerks in early 2017 to chime in on the Marx Brothers' "Duck Soup." You can hear that episode by visiting

CineVerse encourages you to subscribe to their free monthly podcast via Stitcher or iTunes or access past episodes on demand at Erik's been a faithful listener for 5 years and can vouch for the show's high entertainment value.

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