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Miss CineVerse? Listen to one our past group recordings

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Missing CineVerse while riding out the coronavirus crisis? You can relive virtually any one of our group meetings since 2007 by listening to a past recording of that session.

In fact, there are more than 600 recorded group discussions from which to choose: from our talk about "It's a Wonderful Life" recorded in July 2007 to a chat about "Blade Runner" in June 2012 to a deep dive into "Vertigo" in September 2016 to a fun foray into "Caddyshack" from August of last year. Part of the fun of lending an ear to these captured conversations is hearing how the group has changed over the years, with new members adding fresh voices as CineVerse has evolved since its inception in 2005.

Every recording includes the post-screening initial thoughts shared by each member in attendance followed by a more extensive Q&A session with the group.

You can access the CineVerse group discussion podcast archive by visiting:

To most easily view and use this archive, follow the directions below.
So put aside your worries and cabin fever concerns for a little while and take a trip down CineVerse memory lane. Before long, we'll be back to dissecting movies in person and sharing opinions about them on Wednesday nights. Until then, enjoy some past group memories.
Stay healthy and safe...

Erik Martin
CineVerse moderator

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