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What are your favorite films?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Have you recently joined CineVerse and attended one of our group meetings? Then we'd like to know some of your favorite movies. Please email me a list of your top 10 favorite films (rank them in order if you'd like), along with your first and last name, and I'll post it in the "Member Favorites" section on our Web site (you can find the link to our "Member Favorites" at the top of our page or by clicking here).

Also, if you've recently attended one of our meetings for the first time and want to get into the movie pick rotation (remember, you have to come to at least 4 meetings to be eligible for inclusion in the rotation), then please e-mail me a list of at least 5 films from which you'd like me to select when your turn comes around. 

Please list movies that you think are worthy of intelligent analysis and discussion--be they foreign, modern, silent, independent, classic, etc. Be aware that I'll be creating the November/December schedule over the next 2 1/2 weeks, so your timing is excellent if you want to be considered for Nov/Dec. (of course, if you're new, that means you'll have to attend regularly over the next few weeks to qualify!)

Note: by rule, we try not to repeat a movie we've already discussed. To see what we've screened so far since 2005, I strongly recommend you click on the "Reflections Handouts" link at the top of our page (or by clicking here), which includes insightful essays, reviews and write-ups on every film we've ever discussed.  

Lastly, to listen to a podcast recording of any of our CineVerse group discussions since 2007, click on the CineVerse podcasts link at the top of our page (or click here). Enjoy!

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