Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hello CineVerse faithful. With Oak View Center being so busy lately, I recommend the following: Every Wednesday, no earlier than 3 p.m., please call our pre-recorded CineVerse hotline number at (708) 529-9028 to learn if there will be any changes (ie, new start time, movie change or meeting cancellation) for that particular date.

I'm going to suggest this tonight at our meeting, especially for those without email access. Rest assured that if I ever learn of a date/time change, I will email you ASAP as well as update the hotline message and our Web site (

Hopefully the summer won't be as hectic at Oak View Center, but it appears as though rooms will continue to be scarce over the coming weeks/months. So your best bet is to check your email and call the hotline a few hours prior to each Wednesday meeting just in case.

Remember, these matters are out of my control, and we should all be grateful that the park district continues to provide us with free weekly meeting space. Thanks for your patience and dedication to our group!

P.S.--It's also important that we be as clean and tidy in our meeting space as possible, which includes putting the room back the way it was before we dismiss. If you could help me in these efforts by offering to move chairs/desks, etc. before/after our meetings, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Erik J. Martin
CineVerse film discussion group moderator
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