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Family Classics is back

Friday, January 4, 2019

Remember WGN TV's "Family Classics" show hosted by Frazier Thomas decades ago? The station has brought the show back, with its original theme music and intros/outros and a return of some classic films it had presented on this program in the past--only now it's hosted by Dean Richards.

Your next opportunity to tune into "Family Classics" is right before the big Bears vs. Eagles playoff game on Sunday, Jan. 6, from 2-3:30 p.m., when WGN presents the Marx Brothers' all-time masterpiece"Duck Soup" (still CineVerse moderator Erik Martin's favorite comedy ever). It will be immediately followed by the Marx Brothers' "Horse Feathers," in case you'd rather watch the Marxes play football instead of the Bears.

For full details on the show's revival, as well as other WGN retro moves, click here.

For a full listing of all the movies "Family Classics" has presented in its run since 1962, visit here.

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