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Did that film intrigue you? Read more about it via "Reflections"

Friday, September 4, 2009

Don't worry, there won't be a quiz...but if you ever want to learn more about any movie we've ever discussed in our Wednesday night film group, I've created a "Reflections" handout for it that you can quickly and easily download here. This link also can always be found at the top of our CineVerse blog page in the blue linkbar under our logo.

That link will take you to a Web page where you'll see a list of files, each named after a film and organized alphabetically. Simply find the title you want, click on it, and choose either "Open" to view it immediately via your Web browser, or "Save As/Download" to save a copy to your computer for accessing whenever you want.

Note that these are Microsoft Word files; if you don't have Microsoft Word or have trouble opening it, try saving the file as a text file that any text/word processing program on your computer should be able to open.
In each Reflections document, I've assembled some of the best reviews, critiques, essays, and encyclopedic entries for that given motion picture that can be found on the Internet. At the end of each reprinted write-up is a link that can take you to the original source material/Web page. 

Most of these writings are quite insightful and in-depth, shedding extra light on themes, symbolism, motifs/patterns and the like that may be found in the film, plus background details on the production, filmmakers, etc. Personally, I find these collected writings indispensable when it comes to preparing for our discussions and formulating questions to pose to the group. 

Keep in mind that I try to bring a handful of "Reflections" paper copies with me to each Wednesday meeting, but I don't have an unlimited supply. So if you've ever missed out on snagging one, here's your chance to obtain it online. Enjoy!

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