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Download movies to your PC... for free

Monday, September 14, 2009

Do you enjoy classic movies, foreign films and enticing independent features? (That's a rhetorical question--of course you do!) 

Well, your local public library is now making it possible to download select cinematic entertainments to your computer for absolutely no charge via a new service called MyLibraryDV.

To learn more about MyLibraryDV and start downloading free movies, click here. For a full list of free movies and other content available for download, visit here.

You'll see that there are five different movie collections to select from: Classics, Independent Films, Foreign Films, Hollywood Favorites & World Cinema, and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Click on the desired collection to reveal browsing options within that collection. In the Hollywood Favorites & World Cinema and Sony Pictures Entertainment collections you have the option to browse by genre, such as Action/Adventure, Drama, Mystery/Thriller, etc. 

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