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One movie that doesn't suck--then again, maybe it does

Friday, October 29, 2010

by Erik J. Martin

If you prefer a boxoffice bloodsucker with a little comic bite this Halloween season, sink your teeth into "Vampire's Kiss," a wonderfully weird flick that quickly became a cult classic following its 1989 release.

Oscar winner Nicolas Cage stars as Peter Loew (back when Cage was playing more daring, on-the-edge roles and establishing himself as Hollywood’s biggest risk-taker), a yuppie with a womanizing reputation. But Low gets his comeuppance right in the jugular from bedmate Jennifer Beals one night, and is gradually convinced that he’s become one of the undead.

Cage brilliantly transforms his character from egotistical suave bachelor to psychotic psychosomatic and, with his delightfully twisted performance, delivers some of the most memorably shocking images ever captured onscreen.

In one scene he pretends his sofa is a coffin by turning it upside down and lowering it onto himself. In another, he snarfs down a live pigeon. And who could forget the yummy moment when Cage actually eats a live cockroach?

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