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That pesky Michael Myers is at it again...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

by Erik J. Martin

Enjoy slasher movies? You can't go wrong with John Carpenter's "Halloween" this scary season. The original, of course, spawned a franchise that droned on and one with one bad sequel after another.

The second installment in the series, however, "Halloween II" (the INITIAL Halloween II from 1981, not the Rob Zombie-helmed remake from last year) is worth a look if this is your kind of genre. This follow-up to the original “Halloween” set the pace for all slasher sequels to follow.

Dubbed "The Nightmare Isn't Over!", "Halloween II" picks up exactly where the first movie leaves off: Michael Myers has escaped and the injured Laurie Strode is on her way to the hospital. And that white-walled setting is exactly where the Boogieman plans to strike next. No remote controlled bed can protect Jamie Lee Curtis from the masked one’s murderous mission -- to seek and sever Haddonfield’s favorite babysitter.

Sure, the script is Swiss cheese thin and the acting is far from Oscar caliber, but the flick has a certain brain dead appeal and laughably campy quality that makes it a B-grade cult favorite, despite its obvious outdated look and style. It's also Curtis’ last appearance in the series until "H20", 17 years later.

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